Oops I messed up. Again.

Go me!!! This makes me so happy. Less than a month ago, I could barely do five minutes on the elliptical. But, I said that we would work on our relationship together and we are! Today, Mr. Elliptical and I spent a sweaty fun 30 minutes together!

Anyway… I find that music keeps me going at a higher intensity than Dr. Phil and it gives me time to think.

Monday morning thoughts about my personal growth…

I’ve got to work on my responding rather than reacting in personal relationships. Even though I know when I do this, it is usually so much less about them and more about me, it tells me that I definitely have some healing to do before I can truly keep moving forward in certain areas. So, just because I know it’s about me, that doesn’t mean the other person does nor is it fair to them in anyway.

Another thing… Forgiving myself for acting like an idiot is really hard. I never want to seem like “that crazy chick“. Truthfully though, I guess we all have our moments.

Why is it that I expect so much more perfection out of myself than I ever would from anyone else? I’m human. I mess up. Lots.

Why can there not be a delete, rewind or do over button for these times…And why can’t I have the remote to push these them?

All that shit swirling through my head sure does give me extra energy.🤪

Happiest Monday loves!