I’m here.

Super honest Sarah here…(like I know how to be any other way…)
Sometimes, I feel so close to the edge. Like incredibly alone, like I am on an island all by myself.
I know this isn’t a true story, I have a whole lot of friends and family that are all portions of my heart.
I just don’t have anyone in my head and heart experiencing what I am experiencing and I miss sharing that with someone who REALLY GETS ME.
I desperately want to see and be seen, accept and be accepted, love and be loved in the ways that matter. I don’t want to grow old alone. I know I will be okay if that’s the case; it’s just not what I pray for.
Sometimes it’s so daunting and scary. Sometimes I think about the parts of my life that I have invested into someone else and lost myself only to watch them go find exactly what I wasn’t to them and it sucks.
Sometimes I am impatient, especially with myself.
Feeling a teeny bit blech and trying to focus on the gratitude.

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