I’ve been pondering what my ‘word’ of the year will be; praying about it and trying to assimilate all of my thoughts into a word.
Have you met me? This is not a task for the faint of heart. One word.
I’ve got it, not a doubt in my mind.


It’s a new word, I know. It combines aligned and congruent. It’s so new that it might not even be in an online dictionary yet. You can trust me. It’s an official word.

Aligruent: Making sure my insides and outsides match; ensuring that the choices I make line up with the life God has planned for me; to align with myself; to be my own ally; in a state of harmony and compatability with myself; to be comfortable in my own skin; to be full of gratitude (I added that although it’s not a part of the definition).


HAPPY 2022!

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