Current status…Me

Deep thought for the day… Just a few years back, I longed to be more of a bitch. A woman that people, especially men could possibly be intimidated by at times. I thought that ideal might be more sexy and confident than what I felt inside of me.

As I grow into myself and become more and more comfortable with who God created me to be, I realize that’s simply not who I am. When I am behaving in that manner, (bitchy), it comes from a place of fear and never for the right reasons.
What works for me? Being myself. You might like me and you might not; either way is perfectly OK.

These days, I am honored when somebody calls me “sweet Sarah“ or anything of the like. That’s my true nature and I’m glad for it. Sometimes I get a, “Sexy Sarah” as well and that’s very definitely a part of me too. We all know that I get a smart or a sassy or a silly much of the time. Little bits of me.

I realize that I’m a little more complicated then Ive given myself credit for and that’s not a bad thing. I think we all are because we are all these pieces of a mosaic trying to fit ourselves together. That’s beautiful.❤️

The coolest part is that’s sweet doesn’t mean stupid, sexy doesn’t mean easy and being a feeling person doesn’t mean I’m weak.

I am only being who I am created to be, and that my friends, is a powerful thing.

Happy Sunday.❤️🙏

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