She didn’t do it!

I always love to share a good giggle…so, here you go!

I took a quick break to walk Maple. I live in a lovely condo and many of my neighbors in our community are older. There are as many dogs as people, and it’s always impressed upon residents to please pick up your dogs poo. As a side benefit, I have become and expert and conscientious poo picker upper.

So…here we are walking in the cold, rainy weather just minding my business while letting Maple take care of her business. Maple has a habit of squatting and acting like she is going to poo but she will change her mind and move on before ‘producing’ anything.

I hear someone yelling, “hey” and I turned around to see a petite, round older lady walking her dog. She said, “Don’t you need to pick up your dogs poop?” I explain that Maple didn’t poop, I laughed and said she was just practicing. Miss Thang didn’t laugh.

She proceeded toward me, “do you even have bags, we are supposed to watch out for each other and the poop.” (okay?) I produce my bags out of my coat pocket and hold them up as proof.

Then…she took her phone and took my picture. That’s when I was really taken aback. Instead of being rude, I laughed and told her that I was glad I wore make up and did my hair today. I was trying so hard to be friendly.

Back in the house, I had to make a call to the office manager and relay the whole story. I was so afraid she was going to take my picture in and say I didn’t pick up Maple’s non existing poo. There is a big fine around here for violating that rule…and I get it!

My office manager had a great giggle and asked me to describe my new friend. I guess I’m not the first person this happened to, lol!

People are funny.🧐

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