Debaucle Debate Debaucle Debate

I have recieved lots of feedback as of late in support of my outspokenness on social media regarding current recent world leaders and events. Most of it is a sincere encouragement to keep being transparent and vocal; as well as a few politely worded ‘encouragements’ that I think are probably more likely disguised shushes. Thus, I am certain everyone has waited with bated breath to hear my solid evaluation of last night’s debate.

A bit of background….politics have not interested me much in life. As I grow older, I have begun to seriously examine my own biases. In my field of work, it is evident that there needs to be change (alot of change). If that change is imperative and significant, (it is), then it becomes a part of my life work too. I realize I must pay attention to how things work and what trickles down from leadership into society. I must be educated and interested if I truly wish to promote change (I do). I’m learning, growing; hopefully bettering myself and my world.

I have never, ever, never watched a presidential debate unless it was required for a class. Even then, I tried hard to grasp the summary from friends rather than watch the tortuous event. Last night was the first debate that I was somewhat looking forward to watching; yet I was anxiously anticipating it all day long. I asked of all at home to please just let me watch, and be respectful of differing opinions. Lucky for me, my daughter curled up with me and watched maybe the first fifteen minutes. Then she said she had seen enough and went off to do her thing. (She had baked a special cake for dessert that made a specific declaration to our current president…love her tenacity). My sweet guest was asleep on the couch five minutes in, so I got the peace I had requested. Well…except for watching the debate…I wouldn’t really say that promoted peace within my spirit. I made it until the middle of the last question. At that point, I felt I had learned all I needed to learn from the debate, I meditated on the truth that God has our back no matter what and I headed off to bed.

The true reason I wanted so badly to watch this debate had everything to do with my passions and nothing to do with the incumbents postions. I haven’t watched alot previously. I read endlessly about events yet I avoid the news and especially our current President as much as I humanly can. It’s all icky. As I said, I do my best to stay educated…just not through those modes.

I watched because I have seen endless clips, memes, statements, etc indicating that Mr. Biden is senile at best and has severe dementia at worst. I will advocate to the ends of the earth for those afflicted with dementia and for their families/loved ones. Dementia is no laughing matter and I take great personal offense at jokes at anyone’s expense in this arena. Simply.not.funny.

Since I had not watched many speeches with any of these gentleman, I wanted to assess for myself if I saw signs of dementia in Mr. Biden. I did this as someone who has worked with dementia and Alzheimer’s victims for a hefty season, as well as the daughter of a brave Daddy who fought a valiant battle with Alzheimer’s for 12 years. I did this as a person with a Master’s level education in counseling psychology in addition to years of professional experience. There’s my lens. In the end, if I am not Mr. Biden’s physician or someone he lives with, I only have the lens, not a final answer.

Instead of declaring my meager opinion on the debate, I’m drawn to another direction. Being an empathetic creature, I attempted to put myself in the position of Mr. Biden, President Trump and Moderator Chris. This was a fun little experiment.

Me as Moderator Chris: I am feeling a little intimidated by the President’s constant interruptions and blatant disregard for my role as moderator. I am feeling like he is trying to control the situation; make myself and Mr. Biden appear to be uneducated idiots; therefore he is bullying in the most disrespectful way. Now I am not only frustrated with my lack of ability to manage the debate, I am also feeling invisible because no one is really listening to me. The old tapes start playing and I alternate between being passive, aggresive and invisible…trying to find an assertive, leadership ground. I’m struggling. (this actually feels very close to a recent situation in my life that ended in a loss that left me broken hearted. I feel sad for Moderator Chris…like he is stuck between a rock and a hard place).

Me as President Trump: I am going to win at all costs. I am unable to find a state of homeostasis right now, so instead of focusing on the issues at hand, I am in attack mode. I am going to make Mr. Biden look as if he is incapable of answering and when he tries, I am going to speak louder than he. I am going to get the audience to focus on my greatness. I’m not sure they are focusing on my greatness, so I am going to throw in something the people really love. Football! Yes, that’s it. I saved football…all by my lonesome, I saved football. Oh…they are asking about white supremacy….that’s more than I prepared for. Shit. Stand by. The best I can do is reflect on heated arguments with my teenagers when we aren’t communicating from a healthy place. The goal is to show who is boss, no one gets anywhere. We are listening only to prepare our defense, not to listen. Admittedly, it’s difficult for me to feel too empathetic for one who seems to show no empathy, respect or compassion. Really, truly, difficult…but hey…football.

Me as Mr. Biden: I’m a little concerned because I know what they are saying about me and my cognitive abilities. I will need to work extra hard to ensure that the people hear me, and see that I am intellectually capable of handling the presidency. I am doing quite well. It’s really hard though. If I speak over this ass clown, then I am just as much of an ass clown. If I say nothing, it’s going to be said that I couldn’t process and didn’t know what to say. I am just going to stay as steady as I can. Until I have enough and tell the assclown to just shut up. I know that wasn’t very cooth, so I hope the people understand. I really want them to hear that I am for the people, all the people, independent from political affiliation. Did they hear me? This sucks.

All in all, this state of affairs is sad. I cannot stand the character of our President, he makes me want to vomit in my mouth. He is not someone I am proud to have my children look at as what a good leader is. We discuss what makes a good leader often. They know how I feel. They also are free to research, learn and discuss their thoughts. I am proud when they do, whether they differ or agree with me.

I am not certain about Mr. Biden, though I am certain he is a safer, more stable choice for my vote. I saw no evidence of dementia during this dumb debate. I saw him exercise patience and speak with dignity and respect for the most part (when he was allowed to speak).

Moderator Chris…well; I think he needs to ‘man up’ a bit if he is going to take on these tasks. In all fairness, it was a tough job no matter who was doing it.

Looking forward to the next debates. I wonder if I could sign up to moderate.

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