V-day is Nearing

Valentine’s day is in two days. I heaQr many of my single boo’s grumbling about it like crazy and rolling their eyes when I tell them it’s my most favorite holiday!

Give me an excuse to listen deeper, care compassionately, snuggle closer, hug longer, love bigger, and creatively express how I feel about someone and I’m on it! Valentine’s day is about so much more than what we don’t have right now bc we are single, seriously! While I hold out a (teensy tiny) bit of hope that one Valentine’s day I’ll be ‘right’ person…the nowe is still for celebrating!

More things to celebrate on Valentine’s day….Cupid’s arrow has not shot me in the booty or anywhere else; red or pink lips and nails make the world a better place; flowers are life; Valentine’s hearts remind us to LOVE; candy conversation hearts are gross little sugar pellets but super fun to read; chocolate (Especially covering strawberries) on Valentine’s day is yummier; it’s a great reason to listen to 80’s love songs; and wine sales are strong!

I’m sure I could go on for days!

Also, random quote that my friend (thank you

just posted…it fits)

“men aren’t trash.

women aren’t crazy.

everyone is damaged.

most are distracted.

everyone needs healing, not everyone is

aware of what/how to heal. nobody has

all of the answers.

be patient.

be transparent.

be compassionate.

be open to love.

be the light.


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