Morning prayer

Guys, yesterday was an emotionally heavy day. Not personally, but for what my clients are living. I sat in court all day and watched a woman have to relive several years of trauma as the defense attorney ruthlessly grilled her about all things irrelevant to her abuse.

Honestly, I felt physically ill listening so I can only imagine how she felt. So much swirling through my heart and head. Injustices everywhere. I had to dig deep to find empathy for all.

I wonder if the defense attorney isn’t just as guilty as the abuser. I know she’s only doing her job but her words to a victim were hateful toned, mean and accusatory. When did it become acceptable to persecute the victim?

In case my post is perceived as being tied in w recent politics, I assure you it’s not. The assaults in this case have been well documented and confirmed.

Today, if you will, say a prayer for the victims, the abusers, the bystanders and our justice system. It’s simply too much wrongness.

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