Be the Love

photo credit: my beautiful daughter.

I just dropped a client off at a homeless shelter; leaving him with a prayer and a hug. I’m actually very thankful that a spot was available for him. I enjoy my clients for the most part and feel honored to connect with them. Each one of them has a story and they matter. That said, some have an extra special space in my heart and this gentleman was one of them.

No identifying information but the gist of the story…someone who has lost their family (likely to unmanaged mental illness), is in the eldest of elderly category, hasn’t eaten in days, is thankful that he will get to sleep on a cot and not lay his head on metal or cement, is in need of a shower and at least basic medical attention…that’s a good starting point.

I listened to this sweet man talking. He has been homeless for a few years and he sleeps wherever he feels safest that night. He prays to the good Lord every night and looks forward to looking up at the stars as night goes and morning comes. He was raised up in church and feels that the good Lord told him to come our office so we could help him. He feels that he is constantly being chased by someone who wants to kill him and that’s why he stays on the move. (His words) Although he is obviously weary, his eyes still have a quiet sparkle behind the sadness. I cannot imagine how exhausted and scared he is from constantly being on high alert.

My throat hurts today and I’ve had my fill of ugliness, agendas and politics on media from both sides. I have been carefully restraining my own thoughts but today I’m feeling feisty. No more. Fight on if that’s where your priorities lie.

We have to open our eyes. While we bicker, argue, right fight and fuss, there are a plethora of hurting, desperate, and lonely people. There are starving elders, disabled and mentally unwell people, children and everyone in between right in front of us. Countless needs beyond our own and every little help matters.

This man. This beautiful, precious, kind, grateful, homeless man just found a forever home in my heart. I pray will all have a little angel today to help us grow in love and understanding.

“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers; for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” Hebrew 13:2

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