Merry Christmas 

I baked a plethora of Christmas cookies last night for sharing at today’s family gathering. I am pooped. 

I thought about how many times I have stood in this exact kitchen and baked Christmas cookies. It’s a relaxing activity for me and something that brings back fond memories Of my grandma. It makes me happy that people look forward to eating my cookies every year because it’s one of the few things I feel I can tangibly do and share to make people feel good.

After I finished the cookies, I began to gather the ingredients to bake a little pumpkin gingerbread for everyone. I realized I was almost out of the oil and that I would have to go to the store but at this point it was nearly midnight. I was making a plan for running to the store, making the batter and not baking until morning. The more I considered it, I realized this meant I would be baking all of tomorrow.

I made a very different decision than what I would usually make and decided that I would not be baking pumpkin gingerbread loaves this Christmas. More than anything, I want to rest, reflect on the gifts my Savior has given me and be present with the people that I love.

.In this season, it’s easy to run myself ragged and I don’t want to do that. I’m certain God will provide me with other opportunities to bless those around me….. and in case you are one of the people that usually find a treat for me on your doorstep, please know that I love you dearly… With or without the gingerbread.
Merry eve of Christmas Eve!🎄🚵🏽‍♀️

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