A sweet, sad day

Today, my best friend of 23 years, my husband of nearly 19 years, my baby daddy and a precious part of my heart and I journeyed to the courthouse to finalize our “dissolution of marriage”. .

We will stay conscious of the decision we made to create two incredibly special humans. We will intentionally and cooperatively make every effort to co-parent well, and I believe, we will maintain a special friendship. We will stay the sort of goofballs that take selfies while we waiting to meet with the judge

Jokes aside, my heart is filled with a deep ache. It is unfortunate that what is best isn’t always what is easy. After court, we went and talked over sushi. Instead of celebrating our divorce, we celebrated a beautiful history made and the friendship we will continue to have.

Thanks to all for loving us, as well as praying for, encouraging and supporting us. I have hot tears running down my face and I feel I’ve been punched in the gut. Healing is here.❤️🙏

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