Princess of all Princesses

Unfiltered, as usual…
This morning, I was at Robertson tires getting my oil changed and my tires rotated. Rich and Renee got me started on this track, so I give them many thanks for the gentle prompts and love.

While I was sitting, waiting, and getting impatient (I arrived at 7:30 so I wouldn’t have to wait before work, but apparently others had the same idea), so I waited.  

This man starts talking to me and at first, honestly, I wanted him to hush because I was in my own world of deep thought. As he continued talking, I became fascinated. 

He was obviously intelligent and is a messianic Jew (I understand today from my Jewish friends that this is quite controversial), but that’s not the point. The point is he was fascinating, wise and is an expert who speaks on the Holocaust. Mad respect for his passion.
Further discussion and I tell him that I have a friend or two, who I love dearly, who claim that I love an incredibly hateful God and we had great talk about that. Next, he asked my last name and I told him, “Tronnier” but really “Puroff” was my maiden name but I’m getting divorced…but I’ll still probably keep “Tronnier” for the kids….and I babbled on like I do when I’m processing out loud without consideration to the actual point. (I do always have a point though, even if others don’t get it!)

My car is finally ready and so I say goodbye to my new friend, Michael, the Messianic Jew, whom I am thinking I will never forget. As I was checking out, he comes and asks if he could just speak to me for a moment and I said ‘sure’.

In a gentle, yet firm tone, he said, “Sarah…your name means not just ‘princess’ but princess of all princesses’, investigate that. Then he spoke these words…”God does not create junk. He creates beautiful, worthy things. You are not junk. I am so sorry for your loss, because people forget divorce is a loss, but YOU ARE NOT JUNK.” Lastly, he said, “Remember the scripture, ‘He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion’, and Sarah, you have much to do.” “When one door closes, many windows open.”, He said.

People! My heart has been forever touched by this once stranger. What a beautiful reminder to share what’s on my heart with anyone I feel led to do so for.

Finally, and then I will finish for now….I am just going to reiterate how very proud this non junk, princess of all princesses is. I am turning in my final divorce papers today. I purchased a tag for my car 30 days before it was due. (If you don’t understand why this is so awesome, please let me share with my head down…I have gotten excessive fines three years in a row for not paying in time). I had the oil in my car changed and my tires rotated help (ok, a gentle prompt). I have paid my bills out of my paycheck immediately and I am not caught up, I’m working on it though. I’m making time for fun!

Living life without my head up my ass is a wonderful thing. (excuse the ineloquence, I was going for accuracy.

I looked in the mirror today and I saw a beautiful woman looking back at me. What?

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